Posted by: terrauniversity | November 4, 2011

Remember the people of the US Gulf Coast

People along the Gulf Coast of the United States are still reporting adverse human and wildlife health effects from the 2010 explosion and oil spill.  Unfortunately, national media continues to ignore the story, in favor of covering Hollywood gossip.

Some are reporting that the oil spill may have led to an increase in deadly bacterial infections among dolphins as their carcasses continue to wash up on the beach. and

A look at the Material Safety Data Sheet for crude oil does point out some of the potential health effects of crude oil exposure. Remember the people of the Gulf were exposed to months of inhaled crude oil fumes, along with crude oil and tar bars on some of the beaches. Not to mention their exposure to Corexit. Should the be worried? Should the media still be covering this story as intensely as they did during the spill? What do you think?

Here is a Facebook site that provides updated news from the Gulf:

For educators: You may want to have your students do a research project on the oil spill. What caused it? Who is responsible and what should happen to those held responsible? How should US energy policy reflect an awareness of this spill?

For all: What can we do to help raise awareness?

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